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Our love for golden grass, sustainability and artisan handcraft are the guiding forces that build the Living Gold label – a project that combines rarity and charming eco-beauty.

We are a family business with mixed Brazilian and British heritage. After living in Brazil for more than 10 years where we discovered and started working with the golden grass craft, we wanted to show the world another natural and beautiful wonder.

In a world ever more concerned about the environment surrounding us, we invite you to join us on our quest for sustainable interior design and artisan empowerment, and to learn about the enchanting handcraft process which turns golden grass into exquisite and captivating pieces that will transform the way you envisage gold.

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Handcrafted into beautifully distinctive items using a centenary technique, the golden grass of Jalapao, a type of Euricaulaceae grass-like plant, tells a story dated back to the Xerente Indians in the isolated savannah areas of the state of Tocantins, Brazil.

The craft of golden grass of Jalapao, exclusively and naturally grown in the region, has been recognised with a Geographical Indication of Origin Seal (GI). The international seal is an important attribute, as it has been awarded in recognition of intangible assets of uniqueness attached to its geographical, historical and socio-cultural characteristics and strengthens its positioning within the global market.


With an unmistakable natural gold hue very similar to that of metal gold the golden grass is the true green-gold of the XXI century, with zero carbon footprint in its production chain. It is sustainable, organic, vegan and completely natural.

With great versatility, it combines natural raw beauty with meticulous and intricate hand weaving techniques, creating anything from charming home ware, to organic fashion pieces, to dazzling eco-jewellery.