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A Golden Future

By Joana Higgens - April 1st, 2020 Posted in Article No comments

The future is uncertain and this is all we know for now. We, as a small but purpose driven business, work closely with small communities in rural and secluded areas in the savannah areas of Brazil. It is our primary focus to ensure that the women who work with the golden grass craft are able to continue to work in such unsettled times.

Golden grass is a true representation of beauty and heritage which has the power to guarantee the livelihood of the women in these small communities.

The world is changing and evolving towards a more eco-friendly future and we are carefully being made to adapt to these changes, as we also live in an era of climate change emergency.

Together, through our work dedicated to the continuation of the this extraordinary craft, we can have a direct and positive impact, aligning with these values and contributing to a golden future for all!